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Bulk Pillow Feathers & Bulk Goose Down...Add a Little Puff & Fluff to Your Next Project!

Bulk Goose Down & Pillow Feather Mixes in White or Grey for All Your Home Project or Commercial Use. Try Our Exclusive SmileyMe Brand for the Best Quality Available...Nice, Clean & Super Fluffy! Not Sure what to Buy? Then Please Check Out Our Info Article about Everything... Duck & Goose Down Feather Mixes Here

Goose Down Pillow Feathers - 1/4 lb White
10/90 Goose Down Pillow Feathers - 1/4 lb White

Goose Down Pillow Feathers - lb White
10/90 Bulk Goose Feather Mix - lb White

100% Goose Down Fill Stuffung - 1/4 lb White
100% Goose Down Fill Stuffing - 1/4 lb White

100% Goose Down Fill Stuffing - 1 lb White
100% Bulk Goose Down - lb White

Goose Down Pillow Feather Mix - 1/4 lb Natural
10/90 Goose Down Feather Mix - 1/4 lb Natural

Goose Down Pillow Feather Mix - lb Natural
10/90 Bulk Goose Pillow Feathers - lb Natural

Pillow Feather Mixs Duck Down 100/0 - 1/4 lb White
100% Duck Down Pillow Stuffing - 1/4 lb Grey

Pillow Feather Mixs Duck Down 100/0 - lb White
100% Bulk Duck Down Fill - lb Grey

Customer Reviews:

~ Scot ~ Arrived on time as promised. Great product.

~ Clinton ~ Hello, just wanted to say I received the down and thanks for the great service.

~ Vince ~ Got your card with an ebay purchase. Your gonna be my feather supplier. I use them for trapping cats the darker ones are more favorable. Thanks. Vince

~ Patty ~ Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived. When I first saw the package of down ( 1/4 lb ), I wasn't sure it was gonna be enough for what I needed, but I have to tell you it was exactly the right amount to put a bit more life back into my husbands bed pillow ! I am very happy with my purchase and with the speed that my order arrived with. Thank you and I will definitely order from your company again !

~ Carey ~ I bought this same item from you several weeks ago and I only had to pay shipping one time. I bought from you again because I was pleased.

~ Lynn ~ I sewed it out of double thick ticking. It has southwest pattern to it, but we are in AZ.

Mini Goose Down Duvat by Lisa

~ Kristine ~ Excellent Service!!!!!!! I received on Sept.24, way ahead of the estimated arrival. Feathers were as described. Would definitely do buying from them again.

~ Diva-cc ~ Quickest shipping I have had this year! Great seller, product, and service! 5STARS

~ Kelly ~ I just put an order in for more down/feathers. Im making cushions and 2lbs turned out not to be enough. Its my first time working with down so I wasnt sure. I was very happy with my order. My workroom looks like a pillow fight but I think the end product will be worth it.

~ Kathy ~ Wow, it came yesterday (Saturday) and wanted to say Thank You for getting it here so soon after receiving the order. Am already enjoying my newly stuffed pillow....its Perfect!

~ Pedram ~ Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for great product and quick delivery. Stuffed my good old (but deflated) pillow and it is great again. Thank you!

~ Eula ~ "Tickled" pink.. ha. Love these. Thanks

~ David ~ AWESOME PRODUCT!! FAST SHIPPING! Thank you, guys!!

~ Orville ~ Arrived on time as promised. Great product. Excellent

~ Jan ~ Hi SmileyMe, I got the goose down pillow stuffing and it was great! Thanks!

~ Lisa ~ Here's a pic of the final product from the 1.25 pounds of bulk down. Long twin size 53" x 95" down duvet. Thought you might like to see what it became. Much thx for quality product. God Bless!

Mini Goose Down Duvat by Lisa

~ Michel ~ Hello Its Michel from Montreal. Today we stuffed our pillows and frankly we had good feather quality. Thanks! Canadian customs charged me 20$$ ! They should not charge a penny, after all these geeese travel from north to south ! The do not need a passport !!! Bye

~ Jim ~ Thank you! You have good pricing on down and I am going to start making my own camping gear. If this pound works out well I will be ordering another for sure! I hope to use the pheasant pelt for fly tying :) Regards, Jim

~ Jeff ~ Great to work with & very helpful.

~ Chrissy ~ The person I got this for loved it and was almost finished with her project, but I see its no longer for sale and its really hard to find a quarter of a pound of all goose down fill. Is there anyway to make it available again for a short time, or are you preparing more, or no longer selling it? Thank you for your time and wonderful feathers.

~ Angela ~ Great quality feathers. Get more feather pillows for your money if you make them.

~ Kathy ~ Good morning, I received my goose down feathers several days ago. Waiting for it to stop raining so I could make my pillows. Although it was a bit breezy, I made my pillows yesterday out on my deck. A few feathers flew around.... Something my grandsons can gather, I am so pleased with with my purchase. More than pleased! Your company is great. I really like the fact that you personalized it by writing "Thanks Kathy" on the invoice! I'm hanging on to your card so I can let others know. I've already had a couple ask. Again, great service and great product! Thanks!!

~ Katherine ~ The best down I have ever purchased thanks!

~ Zach ~ Thank you so much, I received the down really fast. you guys are the best i really appreciate it.

~ Katherine ~ I wanted to tell you, that I just used the down feathers I have purchased from you. They are absolutely wonderful. I will be ordering more in the near future.

~ Irina ~ Smooth transaction, very fast shipping, great item. Recommend to all.



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