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Bulk Pillow Feathers & Bulk Goose Down...Fill Power Stuff & Puff Your Next Project!

Bulk 100% Goose or Duck Down Filling & Pillow Feather Mixes for Sale in Nice, Clean & Super Fluffy White or Grey for All Your Home Projects or Commercial & Business Use. Check Out Our 100% Goose Down with a Fill Power Rating of at Least 650+ that is Sure to Please & Our Reviews by Previous Customers Prove it. (See Below) Plus We Also have 10/90 Natural Grey or White Pillow Feather Stuffing for Making Homemade Pillows or Repair. Try Our Exclusive SmileyMe Brand for the Best Quality Down Feathers for Sale. Not Sure what to Buy? Then Please Check Out Our Info Article about Everything... Duck & Goose Down Feather Mixes Here

Goose Down Pillow Feathers - 1/4 lb White
10/90 Goose Down Feathers - 1/4 lb White

Goose Down Pillow Feathers - lb White
10/90 Bulk Goose Feather Mix - lb White

100% Goose Down Fill Stuffung - 1/4 lb White
100% Goose Down Filler - 1/4 lb White

100% Goose Down Fill Stuffing - 1 lb White
100% Bulk Goose Down - lb White

Goose Down Pillow Feather Mix - 1/4 lb Natural
10/90 Goose Down Feather Mix - 1/4 lb Natural

Goose Down Pillow Feather Mix - lb Natural
10/90 Bulk Goose Pillow Feathers - lb Natural

Pillow Feather Mixs Duck Down 100/0 - 1/4 lb White
100% Duck Down Pillow Stuffing - 1/4 lb Grey

Pillow Feather Mixs Duck Down 100/0 - lb White
100% Bulk Duck Down Fill - lb Grey

Customer Reviews:

~ Scot ~ Arrived on time as promised. Great product.

~ Clinton ~ Hello, just wanted to say I received the down and thanks for the great service.

~ Anon ~ I used untreated down from SmileyMe for a DIY TQ that I'm pretty happy with. I think I would recommend them for a first project. I'd estimate the fill power was between 600-650 based on the quilt I made. If you are confident in your skills and that what you make first will be used for a long time to come, don't skimp on the down. For me, a pound of down for about $60 was just what I wanted. The SmileyMe down was just that, all down, no feathers. You can easily shave ounces by purchasing higher quality and fill power down from places already mentioned.

~ Vince ~ Got your card with an ebay purchase. Your gonna be my feather supplier. I use them for trapping cats the darker ones are more favorable. Thanks. Vince

~ Patty ~ Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived. When I first saw the package of down ( 1/4 lb ), I wasn't sure it was gonna be enough for what I needed, but I have to tell you it was exactly the right amount to put a bit more life back into my husbands bed pillow ! I am very happy with my purchase and with the speed that my order arrived with. Thank you and I will definitely order from your company again !

~ Carey ~ I bought this same item from you several weeks ago and I only had to pay shipping one time. I bought from you again because I was pleased.

~ Lynn ~ I sewed it out of double thick ticking. It has southwest pattern to it, but we are in AZ.

Mini Goose Down Duvat by Lisa

~ Kristine ~ Excellent Service!!!!!!! I received on Sept.24, way ahead of the estimated arrival. Feathers were as described. Would definitely do buying from them again.

~ Diva-cc ~ Quickest shipping I have had this year! Great seller, product, and service! 5STARS

~ Kelly ~ I just put an order in for more down/feathers. Im making cushions and 2lbs turned out not to be enough. Its my first time working with down so I wasnt sure. I was very happy with my order. My workroom looks like a pillow fight but I think the end product will be worth it.

~ Kathy ~ Wow, it came yesterday (Saturday) and wanted to say Thank You for getting it here so soon after receiving the order. Am already enjoying my newly stuffed pillow....its Perfect!

~ Pedram ~ Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for great product and quick delivery. Stuffed my good old (but deflated) pillow and it is great again. Thank you!

~ Eula ~ "Tickled" pink.. ha. Love these. Thanks

~ Titan ~ I bought a pound of white goose down from smileyme last month for a topquilt. I had made a poster board cylinder and weight to specs to test the fill power. I came up with 600-650. The down was nice and white, a good number of downy feathers but not many with pokey quills. Granted I did overstuff the baffles on my quilt about 30% but it does loft a lot quicker than my hammock gear incubator 20. Overall I was happy with their product as I wasn't trying to go ultralight with my first quilt.

~ David ~ AWESOME PRODUCT!! FAST SHIPPING! Thank you, guys!!

~ Neil ~ I just finished my underquilt and I was extremely happy with the quality/fill-power for the price. Then again, it was my first time working with down, so I don't know the difference but the stuff expands like crazy.

~ Orville ~ Arrived on time as promised. Great product. Excellent

~ Jan ~ Hi SmileyMe, I got the goose down pillow stuffing and it was great! Thanks!

~ Lisa ~ Here's a pic of the final product from the 1.25 pounds of bulk down. Long twin size 53" x 95" down duvet. Thought you might like to see what it became. Much thx for quality product. God Bless!

Mini Goose Down Duvat by Lisa

~ Michel ~ Hello Its Michel from Montreal. Today we stuffed our pillows and frankly we had good feather quality. Thanks! Canadian customs charged me 20$$ ! They should not charge a penny, after all these geeese travel from north to south ! The do not need a passport !!! Bye

~ Jim ~ Thank you! You have good pricing on down and I am going to start making my own camping gear. If this pound works out well I will be ordering another for sure! I hope to use the pheasant pelt for fly tying :) Regards, Jim

~ Jeff ~ Great to work with & very helpful.

~ Chrissy ~ The person I got this for loved it and was almost finished with her project, but I see its no longer for sale and its really hard to find a quarter of a pound of all goose down fill. Is there anyway to make it available again for a short time, or are you preparing more, or no longer selling it? Thank you for your time and wonderful feathers.

~ Angela ~ Great quality feathers. Get more feather pillows for your money if you make them.

~ Kathy ~ Good morning, I received my goose down feathers several days ago. Waiting for it to stop raining so I could make my pillows. Although it was a bit breezy, I made my pillows yesterday out on my deck. A few feathers flew around.... Something my grandsons can gather, I am so pleased with with my purchase. More than pleased! Your company is great. I really like the fact that you personalized it by writing "Thanks Kathy" on the invoice! I'm hanging on to your card so I can let others know. I've already had a couple ask. Again, great service and great product! Thanks!!

~ Katherine ~ The best down I have ever purchased thanks!

~ Zach ~ Thank you so much, I received the down really fast. you guys are the best i really appreciate it.

~ Katherine ~ I wanted to tell you, that I just used the down feathers I have purchased from you. They are absolutely wonderful. I will be ordering more in the near future.

~ Irina ~ Smooth transaction, very fast shipping, great item. Recommend to all.

~ Adamson ~ The feathers are clean and fluffy. They helped to redo our duck feather down pillows that my grand mother made for us 40 years ago. The order arrived in just a few days. I am quite pleased with them!

~ RG ~ I used these to add some loft to a sleeping bag that had lost some of its fluff and the prices was very reasonable.

~ Bonnie ~ Packed wonderful! Not one feather escaped!! :) Very soft and no odor.

~ Laura ~ I very rarely review items but this purchase made me so happy I just had to! The quality is fantastic, they're a beautiful white and grey color, and they don't have an intense odor. I'm beyond thrilled with this purchase. Amazing - Thank you!!!

~ Kim ~ These feathers are perfect for my need. I love the way they come packaged for easy usage. The price is what I expected and purchase in bulk was a plus.

~ Diane ~ Very high quality fill, no odor whatsoever, and great fill power. Not a single feather found, all down as advertised. Very happy customer.

~ Rick ~ SmileyMe doesn't specify it but I would estimate the fill power is to be probably near 600, estimating from the calculated volume of my quilt. I am very happy with the down, it may weigh a couple more ounces then a 800-900 fill power down others sell but for the price, I am very pleased with this product.

~ chrissy ~ I actually bought the product twice from this seller and it came very clean and in a seperate bags. A lb of goose down fill can get over $200. At first it seemed expensive but after shopping around, this was much cheaper when compared to others.

~ Fred ~ Very good, Totally satified with this product and the delivery time.

~ Sam ~ Just what I needed, Good quality white down.

~ Nancy ~ I ordered this bag of Down and the quality is outstanding. The price is reasonable and it helped me to fix a pillow and solved my problem. I am now going to make a few down pillows for friends.

~ Pixie ~ Best ever and worked for me.

~ Greg ~ Perfect fill to top off my favorite down pillow that have gotten flater after 10 years.

~ Caryn ~ Great price!! Just as promised 100% goose filling and I was able to restore an expensive down comforter to new! Worth the wait.

~ George ~ It was as advertised. Great price for a great product. I will be a repeat customer.

~ Lilly ~ Exactly as expected. Needed these to add more fill to some pillows. Great feathers, very soft, perfect.

~ Ravis ~ For the price this is excellent quality goose down & would guess somewhere around the 700 fill power range.

~ Scott ~ Exactly as advertised. Pure white goose down. Top quality.

~ Kim ~ Very nice product. Very light and fluffy and soft. All down. Great.

~ Marly ~ I am very happy with my purchase. That is a terrific price for that grade of down I got which was a pound of the 100% goose down. Very fluffy stuff. Rumor is the duck is around 650 and the goose around 750.

~ Goose Down Feathers in Bulk ~



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