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Feather Color Chart - Find Feathers by Color

Red Feathers
Red Feathers

Orange Feather Color
Orange Feathers

Yellow Feather Color
Yellow Feathers

Gold Feather Color
Gold Feathers
Green Feather Color
Green Feathers

Blue Feather Color
Blue Feathers

Purple Feather Color
Purple Feathers

Turquoise Feather Color
Turquoise Feathers

Pink Feather Color
Pink Feathers

White Feather Color
White Feathers

Black Feathers
Black Feathers

Fun Facts & Suggested Meanings for Colored Feathers

If You are Using Feathers in a Project or to Create a Gift for a Friend or Relative,
Rumor has it that the Color of the Feathers Might have a Spiritual Meaning.

Whether it Be Legend or Truth, Here are Some Fun Ideas about What the
Colors Might Mean if a Feather Should Float Down & Cross Your Path...(0:

White Feathers = Angelic Presence, Hope & Faith, Purity, Heaven & Spirituality, Trust & Protection

Red Feathers = Passionate & Strong Emotions, Money & Good Fortune, Physical Endurance & Vitality

Blue Feathers = Self Accceptance & Peace, Inspiration & Knowledge, Spiritual Protection, Psychic Awareness

Yellow Feathers = Happiness & Joy, Wisdom & Intelligence, Vision & Intuition, Sence of Being Blessed

Green Feathers = Health & Healing, Fertility & Nature, Harmony & Togetherness, Prosperity & Success

Orange Feathers = Energy & Creativity, Optimism & Success, Ambition & Will Power, Self Driven & Independent

Pink Feathers = Unconditional Love, Romance & Friendship, Compassion & Empathy, Inspirational

Grey Feathers = Neutrality, Authenticness, Ease of Being Flexible

Purple Feathers = Spiritualy Connected, Higher Thoughts

Brown Feathers = Earthy & Being Gounded, Strength & Endurance, Stable

Black Feathers = Wisdom & Protection, Sense of Negative Energy, Increased Insight

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