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Goose Biot Feathers for Texture & Contrast...Spike Away!

Goose Biots Feathers are a thin narrow feather with a spike like appearance that crafters love. Because of the flexible stem, when you wrap these around a wire, the fronds fan out to produce a pine branch needle design. Biot Goose Feathers are most often used for making Old Fashioned German Feather Christmas Trees , a tradition that stetches back for generations. They can also be used to make jewelry, add accents to floral bouquets, and other craft projects. . Offered in By the lb Bulk, 1/4 lb, or Mini Size Packages...(0:
Bulk Lighter Green Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Spring Green Goose Biots
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Bulk Green Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Green Goose Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Bulk Olive Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Olive Goose Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Bulk Hunter Green Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Darker Green Goose Biots
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Primary Mix Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Primary Mix Goose Biots
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Red Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Red Goose Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Bulk White Goose Biot Craft Feathers
White Goose Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk Strung
Bulk Eggshell Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Eggshell Biot Goose Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Bulk Rose Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Rose Biot Goose Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb Bulk
Bulk Chartreuse Goose Biot Craft Fathers
Chartreuse Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb
Bulk Hot Orange Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Hot Orange Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb
Bulk Peach Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Peach Goose Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb
Regal Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Regal Biot Goose Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb
Bulk Black Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Black Goose Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb Strung
Bulk Brown Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Brown Goose Biot Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb
Strung Plum 
Goose Biot Feathers
Strung Plum Biot Feathers
1/4 lb
Bulk Grey Goose Biot Craft Feathers
Grey Biot Goose Feathers
Pkg 1/4 lb
Bulk Strung Turquoise Goose Biot Feathers
Strung Turquoise Goose Biots
1/4 lb
Strung Copper Goose Biot Feathers
Strung Copper Biot Feathers
1/4 lb
  Strung Tan Goose Biot Feathers
Strung Tan Biots
1/4 lb

Gose Biot Feathers can be used as a craft accent in any project you have. Besides using these to make German Goose Christmas Trees, feather biots can also add a spark of color to wedding and floral bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres. They are a interesting addition to feather earrings or jewelry, mardi gras masks, and any other craft project you can imagine. Consider combining biots with other feather styles to add a unique one of a kind accent look.

To add feather biots to earrings or jewelry, just slip a few biot stems into a crimping bead, add a touch of glue if needed and crimp. Once the glue is dry, they can be kept long or trimmed to size. To give them a curly look, you can drag the biot feather stem along the edge of a pair of scissors like you do with curling ribbons. A fun hoop earring look can made by bending the biot goose feather into a circle with a crimping bead to hold both ends which should be pre-trimmed on both ends first.

If you would like to add some feather accents to floral arrangements or wreaths, an easy way to do this is by attaching a few goose feather biots to the tip of a wire. These are called feather picks. Use a little glue and floral tape wrapped around the feather stems to secure them in place. Once made, you can add the feather picks to wedding bouquets or corsages and boutonnieres too.

Customer Reviews:
Jean says: I am attaching photos of my two first little feather trees. It takes a bit of time to learn and get the branches the right size but they are fun to make. Many thanks
Mini Goose Biot Feather Trees
Mindy says: Yes thank you I will definately be changing to your company for my biots...yours are awesome! I havent dyed with them yet, but they are thicker and nicer and definately whiter than the other company that I was buying mine from. I still sell a ton of them....and now with yours I will probably sell a whole ton more ) Thankyou for great products, I will be making a few hundred dollar biot order in a few weeks. Mindy from Plucken Gorgeous
Michael says: I ordered 1 lb of olive green Biot feathers from you. Your feathers are a very good quality and they work great for my feather trees. Thank you

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