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Order Questions

Q. What are your Minimums Ordering Requirements?
A. We Have No Minimum Order Requirements and No Account is Required to Order from SmileyMe.

Q. My Order is a Gift...Can You Leave Out the Reciept?
A. Absolutely...We Would Love to Send Your Order as a Gift & Will Include a Gift Note at Your Request. Just include a Note in the Note Section on the Paypal Checkout Page or Email Us Directly.

Q. Can I Use my Tax Exempt # When Ordering?
A. If You are a Tax Exempt Org Located in NC, Please Fax Proof of Tax Exempt Status to: 252-502-1053 & Use the Tax Exempt Checkout Button to Place Your Order. For Tax Exempt Org Located Outside NC, Please Use Our Regular Checkout Button to Place Your Order. NC Sales Tax Will Not be Charged for Other States.

Q. Can Our School or Organization Use a Purchase Order?
A. Unfortunately...No. We Can However Include an Official Detailed Invoice which can be Helpful when Requesting Reimbursement for a School Related Purchase from the School Board or Accounting Dept.

Q. Wholesale or Discount Prices?
A. Wholesale & Discounted Prices are Already Reflected on the Website.

Q. What if I Have a Deadline? Can I Get My Order Quicker?
A. If You Need to Have Your Items Delivered Before an Upcoming Event, Please Let Us Know About Your Deadline at the Time You Place Your Order by Including a Note on the Paypal Checkout Page or Emailing Us Directly. We Will do Our Best to Try to Meet Your Timeframe & Get Your Items Delivered in Time for Your Party Date.

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Q. Website Error Messages?
A. While rare, if You Find You are receiving Error Messages While Using this website, Please Try Refreshing the Page 1st. A. If the error persists, it May be That Our Hosting Service is Temporarily Down, Running Slow or updating. Usually, This Will Clear Up in a Few Minutes.

Q. Ordering Problems?
To Add Items to the Shopping Cart, Be Sure that Java & Cookies are Enabled in your browser settings. If you have any cart or checkout issues, Feel Free to Copy and Paste your shopping cart for us and Email it over so We can Send You a Payment Link by Email instead.

Q. Removing Items from Cart?
A. To Remove Items from Your Shopping Cart, 1st Visit the View Cart Page. You can Find this by Clicking on the View Cart Button on the Left Website Menu. Each Item will Have a Black X Along the Right Side of the Page. Clicking the Black X Next to Any Item Will Remove it from Your Shopping Cart.

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Q. Can I Mail My Order with a Check or Money Order?
A. Yes...Feel Free to Order by Mail & Checks are Fine too. To Simplify the Process, We Make it Easy! You can even Order through our Website this way. Just make your choices on the site, Click Check Out & Choose Mail Order instead of the PayPal-Credit Card option. The Final Page will have Your Order, Our Address, & the Option to Print a Copy to Include with Your Check...Easy!

Q. Do I Need to Have a PayPal Account to Order from You?
A. Absolutely Bypass the Account Feature, Just Look for the Link for Non Paypal Customers.

Q. Is My Credit Card Information Safe?
A. PayPal Uses the Latest SSL Encryption Technology and Other Methods to Protect Your Credit Card Information From Fraudulent Activity. As an Added Protection, We Don't Even See Your Credit Card or Banking Information.

Q. Why do You Use Paypal to Process Orders?
A. PayPay, an Online Payment Service has Proven Itself to be Optimal for Both the Buyer & Seller. We Use it for 3 Reasons:
1) Easy Simple Payment Processing of Your Order
2) Security - We Never See Your Credit Card Number or Banking Info...Ever!
3) Outstanding Buyer Protection Policy

Q. Do you Take Credit Card Orders by Phone?
A. No, Credit Card Orders can Only be Placed Online, by Fax or by Mail at This Time.

Q. I Don't Want to Use a Credit Card. How do I Order?
A. No Problem. Beside Processiong Credit Card Transactions, PayPal Also Offers Echeck Processing. If This is Not a Good Option for You...Feel Free to Mail Your Order to Us Instead.

Q. Do You Have Another Online Payment Option Beside Paypal?
A. Yes...For Customers Who Can't or Won't Use Paypal, We Offer Another Credit Card Payment Service. If You Would Prefer Not to Use Paypal, You Can Fax Your Payment Details to: 252-502-1053

What We Need for Faxed Orders:
Item, Qty, & Color Choices (if Needed)
Credit Card #
(Mastercard, Visa, etc)
Exp Date
3 Digit Code (Back of Card)
Name on Card
Zip Code

Q. Can Our School or Organization Use a Purchase Order?
A. Unfortunately...No. We Can However Include an Official Detailed Invoice which can be Helpful when Requesting Reimbursement for a School Related Purchase from the School Board or Accounting Dept.

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Q. Feather Colors & Custom Dyes ?
A. Feathers are for the School & Craft Market & Colors Shown are Approximate. Because Feathers are Dyed in Batches, Like Yarn, Shades can be a Little Different from Batch to Batch. We do Not Dye Feathers Here but Custom Dying is Available if Minimum Order Requirements are Met. Expect Any Special Order to Take at Least 6 Weeks & Because We do Not Dye Feathers in House, Exact Color Matches can Not be Guaranteed.

Q. Any Good Tips for Fluffing Feathers?
A. Feathers are Shipped Condensed but Can be Fluffed Up by Using Any of the Following Techniques Easily.

When Your Feathers Arrive, it is a Good Idea to Remove Them from the Bag & Put Them into a Larger Box. Give the Feathers a Good Stir with Your Hands to Fluff Them Up. You can Put the Box in a Sunny Window, a Slightly Breezy Porch or in a Steamy Bathroom.

This Should be All that is Needed to Fluff Your Feathers. If you Feel You Would Like to do a Little More, You can Try Lightly Fluffing Some of the Smaller Craft Feather Styles in the Follwing Manner.

Put Some Feathers Inside a Damp Pillow Case. Double Tie Off the End by Using 2 Thick Rubberbands or Strings. Place it in a Cool Dryer & Tumble Dry for a Few Minutes. Do Not Leave the Dryer Unattended or Forget Them. Check Often! Never Put the Feathers Directly in the Dryer Because they Will be Drawn to the Heat Vent Causing a Possible Fire Hazard.

Please Note: The Above Tips are Meant for Small Craft Feathers Only. Pillow Feathers do Not Need to be Fluffed & Never Place Ostrich Feathers in a Pillow Case or Dryer as This Could Possibly Damage Them.

Q. Approximately How Many Feathers are There in 1 lb?
A. This is Easy...Just Scroll Down to the Bottom of Any Feather Page to See More Details Like Sizes, Colors Available, & How Many Feathers per lb.

Q. Are the Goose Biots Hard or Soft?
A. The Goose Biot Feathers Would be Classified as Hard and are a Good Feather Style for Making Feather Christmas Trees.

Q. Are Your Feathers Steriliized?
A. All Feathers are Cleaned & Sterilized During the Manufacturing Process.

Q. Can You Suggest a Good Dye for Feathers?
A. For Home Use, Rit Dye or Similar Clothing Dye Might Work. Follow the Directions & Remember the feather will dry a slightly lighter color than what you see in the bowl, so adjust your dying time accordingly.

For Professional Use, Look for an Acid Dye that is Meant for Animal Fibers Specifically. (br> Home Dyeing of Feathers Should be Done Experimentally & in Small Batches at 1st. Each Feather Style will Give You Different Results & Some Styles May Loose Their Fluff or Become Unusable.

Dry Feathers on Paper Towels & Never Put Them Directly in the Dryer as They will be Drawn to the Heat Vent & Could be a Fire Hazard.

Q. How Should I Prepare Feathers for Long Term Storage?
A. Because Feathers are a Natural Product, it is a Good Idea to Take a Little Extra Care if you Plan to Keep your Feathers in Long Term Storage.

For Optimal Protection, Place Your Feathers in a Heavy Zip Lock Bag (with a Few Moth Balls) in a Cool Dry Place.

Q. Where can I Buy Fake or Artifical Feathers?
A. We have No Answer for this Question. Please Try a Google Search & if You Locate a Supplier, Please Tell Us...We Would Love to Hear about Them...(0:

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Q. Can You Ship Centerpiece Kits to a Non-US Address?
A. We Do Not Ship Eiffel Tower Vases or Other Glassware Outside of the US because of the Very High Chance of Breakage. We can However Ship the Feathers Only Kits (No Vases) to Non-US Address.

Please Note: If You Use a US Forwarding or Shipping Company, Please Do Not Order Any Kits that Include Glass Vases to be Safe.

Q. What is the Return Rental Option?
A. We Offer a Return Rental Option for Any of the Feather Centerpiece Kits. Please Fax Over a Copy of the Agreement Around the Same Time that You Place Your Order. You can Find the Agreement with More Info Here:

Q. Can I Have More then 1 Color?
A. Yes, We Regularly do Centerpiece Kits with 2 or More Colors. Kits are White by Default so Email: [email protected] with Your Color Choices Around the Same Time that You Place Your Order. This Way We can Make Sure the Correct Colors are Added to Your Email Receipt. This is the Same for the Light Colors too.

Q. How do I Choose the Feather Colors?
A. Kits are White by Default so Email: [email protected] with Your Color Choice(s) Around the Same Time that You Place Your Order. This Way We can Make Sure the Correct Colors are Added to Your Email Receipt. This is the Same for the Light Colors too.

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Q. Do You have a Newsletter?
A. Yes...Our Newsletter Includes New Product Details, Website Updates, & Current Specials. We Promise 3 Things: Not to Share Your Info, Not to Send Wasteful Emails, & You Can Unsubscribe Anytime. To Sign Up, Just Look for the Link Towards the Top of the Page.

Q. Do you have Mail-Order Catalogs Available?
A. No, although we have had Catalogs in the Past. We do Plan To Offer a Catalog in .pdf Form Some Time in the Future but for now You Might try Printing web Pages Directly from the Internet.

Q. Do You Donate Any of Your Profits to Charity?
A. Yes, We Donate 10% of All Proffits to Several Charities & Ministries. This Year, We are Helping to Support the Following: Above Rubies Magazine, Mercy Ships, Operation Blessing, Water Wells in Africa, Osborn Ministries & Operation Smile.

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