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Bulk Olive Rooster Hackle Feathers - 1/4 lb

Bulk Olive Rooster Hackle Feathers - 1/4 lb

These Olive Rooster Hackle Feathers are a great choice for craft projects. They are wispy and light with more fluff at the base. Hackle Feathers are most often used for making Fly Fishing Lures and Feather Earrings but are also a good choice for home made feather masks and accents of color in Floral Bouquets too. Each 1/4 lb package of Hackle Feathers includes approximately 2,500 olive feathers in assorted sizes of 3-6 inches.
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Some fun ways to use Rooster Hackle Feathers include: Fly Tying Fishing Lures, Costumes, Feather Masks, Dream Catchers, Headdresses, Feather Earrings, Wedding Bouquets, Corsages, Boutonnieres, Wreath Accents, Wall and Home Deco, Kids Craft Projects and Greeting Cards.

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