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Candy Jelly Bean Stickers - Scatch n Sniff

Jelly Bean Stickers that Smell like real Candy! These Stickers are shapes just like jelly beans and are slightly larger then the real thing at Approximately 1/2 x 1 Inches in Size. Each package includes 6 sheets with 12 Jelly Bean Stickers each for a total of 72 stickers per package. Candy Colors are Assorted with all the Colors you find in a bag at the store. These are a Fun Sticker Style that Kids will love scratching more then once to release the jelly bean aroma whenever they like...Perfect for Easter, Collecting & Gifting too. Scatch n Sniff Stickers with a Jelly Beanish Candy Scent!
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Candy Jelly Bean Stickers - Scatch n Sniff

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