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Rainbow Leopard Print Spandex Vase Kit

Rainbow Leopard Print Spandex Vases are a Unique Wedding Centerpiece Vase that Includes a Stretchy Spandex Cover & Reusable Acrylic Base. Each Vase has a Hole in the Top for Your Decorated Feathers or Flower Bouquets. Size is 21x9 Inches Wide at the Base. Qty is 1 Spandex Vase per Kit. Expected Delivery is 1-2 Weeks. $10 Cash Back if Returned Bouquet Holders Sold Separately - Extra Spandex Covers can be Ordered w/o the Acrylic Base for Wedding Designers & Party Planners who want to Offer More Colors for their Wedding Bridal Customers.
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Rainbow Leopard Print Spandex Vase Kit

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