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How to Guide ~ Ostrich Feather Centerpieces ~ Tips, Ideas & Advice

The Hottest Trend in Weddings These Days is Ostrich Feather Centerpieces. They are Gorgeous & Elegant & Every Bride to Be is Looking for Them. The Questions are Almost Always the Same...

How Many Ostrich Feathers Should I Order for Each Centerpiece? Should They All be the Same Length or in Different Sizes? I'm Having Trouble Finding a Good Source for Ostrich Feathers? Which Style of Ostrich Feathers Look the Prettiest, Drabs or Femina? Do You Sell Kits, (Yes) & Can I Rent Them Instead? (Yes)

How to Create Ostrich Feather Centerpieces

The 1st Decision & Probably the Easiest Question to Answer is Color? Most Brides Want White! The 2nd Question is How Many Ostrich Feathers do I Need for a Centerpiece? Again, this is a Preference Question & the Bride Needs to Think this Out. These Days, A Simple Ostrich Feather Centerpiece can be as Few as 13 Ostrich Feather Plumes for a Luau Palm Tree Look or a More Elaborate Look Like the Wedding Centerpiece Pictured Below.

We Sell Ostrich Feathers to Brides Regularly so We've Seen Every Style, Color & Size. We Currently Offer 2 Ostrich Feather Styles in Various Colors & Sizes & Each have Their Own Appeal. Go for the Ostrich Femina if You can Afford it & Want a Luau Palm Tree Look or Choose the Ostrich Drab Feathers to Create the Same Look as Below.

Affordability Wise, Drabs are the Best Option Including More Feathers per Pound & Perfect for the More Rounded Centerpieces. The Main Difference is that Ostrich Drabs have a Slightly Darker Main Stem Very Similar to a Light Beige. Many Brides Use These for Their Wedding Reception Centerpieces & Absolutely Love Them. Our Ostrich Drab Feathers are a Best Seller...for the Centerpieces Shown Below...the Drab Feathers are Hard to Beat.

There are Several Ways to Put Ostrich Feathers into the Vases. If You are Interested in a Palm Tree Shaped Centerpiece, You Might be Able to Tie or Wire the Stems Together & the Femina Work Well for These...but if You Want the More Rounded Look Like We Show on the Website, it is Easier to Use Floral Bouquet Holders to Set the Feathers.

To Make the Centerpiece Shown Below, You Need:
Floral Bouquet Holder
Gold Spandex Vase
36 Large or XL Drab Ostrich Feathers

Simply Make These by Putting the Ostrich Feather Quill Ends into the Foam Bouquet Holders Starting at the Bottom & Moving Around the Holder in a Circular an Upward Direction. Keep Going Until You Reach the Top Trying to Keep the Larger Feathers Towards the Bottom & Smaller Near the Top. Ostrich Feathers will get that Wonderful Droopy Desired Look after a Few Days so Be Patient if They Seem a Little Straight at First.

To Decide Which Ostrich Feathers Styles & Colors to Use for your Event, We Have Ostrich Feathers in Several Lengths with Quantities Ranging from 95-400+ Feathers per lb. To Find Out the Approx Feather Quantities per Pound for Any Style, Just Scroll Down to the Bottom of the Page & We Include More Details & a Color Chart There. To Give Your Spandex Vases a Glowing Look, 2-3 Floralytes can Be Placed into the Vases (4-6 for Taller Vases) Before the Event. Disposable Floralytes can Last Up to 2 Days After the Event & These are Just Spectacular...Guests Really Love Them.

Lastly, I Would Like to Suggest an Option for Brides where Cost is the Decidng Factor. To Keep Things Simple, SmileyMe.Com Offers Ostrich Feather Centerpiece Kits that can be Returned After the Event for Real Money Back. To Take Advantage of this, Just Complete & Fax or Email the Return Rental Option Form when Placing the Order & After Your Event, Return the Kits & get $25.00 Cash Back...Each Kit.

From Now till Then...Happy Event Planning...(0:

Ostrich Feather Wedding Centerpieces
These Beautiful Centerpieces were
Created with Ostrich Drab Feathers.

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