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Religious Pencils with Bible Verses & Popular Sayings!

Christian Pencils with Bible Verses...Now that's Not New but Still a Great Idea! Every Sunday School Teacher Needs a Way to Emphasis Christian Values & what Better Way then to Hand Out Bible Themed Pencils Sure to be Used & Enjoyed Everyday...(0:
For God So Loved the World Bible Verse Pencils
For God So Loved the World Pencils
WWJD Bible Pencil
WWJD Christian Pencils
Pencils - Silver Snowflake Christmas Pencil
Seasonal Holiday Christmas Pencils
Its All about Jesus Pencil
Its All about Jesus Pencils
Jesus, Cross, Fish Symbol Christian Pencils
Jesus, Cross, Fish Symbols
Happy Birthday God Loves You Pencils
God Loves You Birthday Pencils
Bible Books Sunday School Pencils
Books of the Bible Pencil
Footprints in the Sand Pencil
Footprints in the Sand Pencil
Smile, God Loves You Pencil
Smile, God Loves You Pencil
The Lord is My Shepard Bible Verse Pencils
Lord is My Shepard Bible Verse Pencil
The Our Father Bible Verse Pencils
Our Father Lords Prayer Pencil
Noahs Ark Christian Bible Pencils
Noahs Ark Bible Pencils
Prayer Works Christian Pencils
Prayer Works Christian Pencil
For God So Loved the World Bible Verse Pencil
For God So Loved Bible Pencil
Metallic Gold & Purple Cross Pencils
Metallic Purple Cross Pencils
Angels Watching Over Me Christian Pencils
Angels Watching Over Me Pencil
The Ten Commandments Bible Pencils
Ten Commandments Bible Pencil
God is Awesome Bible Pencils
God is Awesome Christian Pencil
Helping Hands Christian Pencils
Helping Hands Pencil
Guardian Angel Bible Pencils
Guardian Angel Bible Pencils
Happy Thanksgiving Wooden Pencils
Happy Thanksgiving Pencil
Yellow Church Pew Pencils
Yellow Church Pew Pencil
School Pencils for Kids
Cool School Pencils
Angel Topper Pencil Set
Angel Topper Set
  Christian Symbol Erasers
Christian Erasers

Customer Reviews:

~ Kelley ~ I got the pencils today just in time. They are really nice, I like them very much! Thank you so much!

~ Eotree ~ Thank you Kim. Looking forward to spreading the Good News of Jesus our Savior. May God bless you and keep you.

What is so special about Christian Pencils?

When I was a little girl, I received my first christian pencil with a bible verse on it. I was invited to vacation bible school by a friend at our local church in West Stephentown, NY. Christian pencils are special because they share the love of Jesus Christ and God's Love. They are a token gift of hope that can be shared with anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Pencils are a simple way for church leaders to emphasis the sermon message or bible story. They are available in religious themes and bible verses that are perfect for sunday schools, care packages and holiday gifts. I have used christian pencils for trick or treaters at halloween and as stocking stuffers for my children at christmas time.

Religious pencils have come a long way since I was a child. While they use to be only yellow with black print, they now come in designer styles with fancy lettering, graphics and glitz. Christian pencils are easy on the budget and a sunday school teachers favorite thing.

Children love pencils with bible verses on them and feel special when they get one as a gift. Giving a pencil away is like planting a seed...a reminder that will grow as the giftee comes to know that God loves them and is ever present in their lives.

~ Christian Pencils for Sale ~

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