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Sticker Craft Ideas for Kids = Simple & Easy Projects Using Stickers!

Are you looking for fun and unique craft ideas using Stickers? If so, you have come to the right place. Customers often email us sharing how they used the stickers they purchased from SmileyMe. Here are some of our favorites.

Make a Mosaic Picture With Stickers Make a Mosaic Picture using pieces of colorful stickers that are cut into smaller squares. This is a great project for teachers who have lots of excess unused leftover pkgs. Because they have a sticky back already, there is no need to use glue making this a super simple use for old stickers. This mosaic idea can also be used to decorate picture frames too. If you plan to make it a permanent decoration or gift, you can paint a layer of puzzle sealer to protect it from dust.

Create You Own Nametags with Fancy Letters and Stickers on Colored Index Cards. These cards can be cut to size and decorated with stickers by placing along the outer border. You can use hearts, flowers or any style for this. Embellish with glitter & use a colorful sharpie marker to write the names, squiggles lines, etc. Punch a hole n the card to add a fancy satin or curling ribbon bow that attaches to a safety pin for easy use.

Make Sticker Jewelry Beads with girls for a fun princess party activity. Using a pre-cut piece of colored thread or yarn, take stickers that are mostly round or triangular to create homemade beads. If the stickers are large enough, you can cut them down the center and then roll the beads as tightly as you can around the string with the largest side 1st. If multi colored stickers are used, this will give a fancy look as the layers overlap. Have the girls use nail polish to coat the sticker beads a little shine and finish with a spray of rose perfume for that extra special touch of fun.
Paper Doll Dresses Made With Stickers
Design Stickers Paper Doll Dresses that are super cute to make. Start with a free paper doll pattern that you can find online or update paper doll books that you already own. To do this, pre-cut the stickers on the sheet so that you can lay them out on the paper doll dress to get an idea of the design you are trying to create. Once you decide on the best look, start at the dress bottom to lay out the 1st row of stickers overlapping slightly as you go in a mermaid tail like fashion...Mini Stickers are perfect for this. Then do the 2nd row working up row by row towards the dress top. Add a bow to the dress top or ribbon at the waist to give a pretty finished look...Nice!

Make Sticker Flashcard Games for Your Preschoolers which will bring hours of Fun with Learning Stickers. The Options are Endless for this Idea, all you need is a good imagination, some stickers & colored index cards. Flashcard Games are easy to make & using stickers make them even better. Try making match games with stickers on cards that can be overturned to find two cards that are the same. These can be made to teach something like counting with each card having a certain number of stickers on a card. Preschoolers will love overturning the cards to count each sticker and trying to find its match. Including the children when making homemade flashcards will teach and inspire them to think of other games they would like to make with stickers.
Number Flash Cards Made With Stickers Match Game Flash Cards Made With Stickers

Birthday, Christmas and Party Invites are extra great when You let the kids decorate them for you. Offering them the chance to be creative on envelopes and holiday cards will be a special memory for them and add a little personalness to the receiver. Allowing them to freely express themselves with Holiday or Birthday Stickers will bring a smile to those who most appreciate their child like creations...Bring on the Grandma and Grandpa praise.

Stickers can be used in business too. Adding a Glitter Shaped Sticker to the corner of your business cards with make them standout from the rest. Adding fancy themed stickers to gift cards is another idea for flower shops and bakeries too. You can reward customers by adding a sticker to your business card if they keep it with them offering a free coffee, donut or an appropriate bonus item for their loyalty after some many purchases are made.

We would love to share your ideas so if you used our stickers to create something similar or different, let us know, and we will share it here...(0:

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