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"Sparkle ME" Glitter Stickers are the Best Shiny Objects We Can Find!

Add a Lot of Sparkle to Your Classroom with these Wonderful Glitter Stickers! Metallic & Fun...Glitter Stickers are Sure to Bring Smiles & Cheers! Lots of Options, Lots of Styles & a Good Assortment of Sizes...Nice!
Rainbow Glitter Heart Stickers
Rainbow Heart Glitter Stickers
Music Note Glittery Stickers
Music Notes Stickers
Pretty Glitter Star Stickers
Pretty Star Glitter Stickers
Sparkle Extreme Sports Glitter Stickers
Extreme Sports Stickers
Sunshine Glitter Face Stickers
Sunshine Faces Stickers
Shamrock Smile Glitter Stickers
Shamrock Smiles Stickers

Mini Rainbow Glitter Happy Faces Stickers
Rainbow Happy Faces Stickers

Mini Rainbow Glittery Hearts Stickers
Rainbow Hearts Stickers

Mini Rainbow Glitter Stars Stickers
Rainbow Star Stickers
Apple Glitter Stickers
Apple Glitters Stickers
Glitter Bee Stickers
Glitter Bee Stickers
Sparkle Soaring Kites Glitter Stickers
Soaring Kites Stickers
Glitter Bug Stickers
Glitter Bug Stickers
Dazzle Glitter Butterfly Stickers
Dazzle Butterfly Stickers
Dazzle Glitter Flag Stickers
Dazzle Flag Stickers
Fall Leaves Glitter Stickers
Fall Leaves Stickers
Glitter Penguin Stickers
Glitter Penguin Stickers
Happy Book Dazzle Stickers
Happy Books Stickers
Cute Glitter Sun & Moon Stickers - German Made
German Sun & Moon Stickers
Happy Smile Stars Glitter Stickers
Happy Smile Star Stickers
Glitter Christmas Tree - German Made
German Christmas Tree Stickers
Dora the Explorer Easter Stickers
Dora Easter Stickers
Glittery Fish Shaped Jesus Stickers
Fish Jesus Glitter Stickers
Autumn Leaves Stickers - Glitter Trimmed
Autumn Leave Stickers
Glitter Feet Stickers
Hands & Feets Stickers
Mickey Mouse Themed Stickers
Mickey Mouse Glitter Stickers
Glitter Smile, God Loves You Stickers
God Loves You Stickers
Musical Notes Sparkle Stickers
Musical Note Glitter Stickers
Gold Glitter Mini Stickers
Gold Glitter Mini Stickers
Mini Glitter Jewels Chart Stickers
Mini Glitter Jewels
Full Color Large Butterfly Glitter Stickers
Full Color Butterflies
Sparkle Glitter Christian Bible Stickers
Christian Symbol Stickers
Peanuts Birthday Stickers
Peanuts Birthdays Stickers
Happy Birthday Themed Glitter Stickers
Happy Birthday Stickers
Pretty Realistic Flower Glitter Stickers
Realistic Flower Stickers
Sleeping Beauty Glitter Trimmed Stickers
Sleeping Beauty Stickers
Sparkle  Clowning Around Glitter Stickers
Clowning Around Stickers
Sparkle Glitter Happy Face Smiles Stickers
Happy Face Smile Stickers
Sparkle Glitter Positive Happy Spots Stickers
Positive Happy Spots
Sparkle Glitter Stars Stickers
Sparkle Star Stickers
Sparkle Music Instruments Glitter Stickers - Only 1 Left
Music Instruments Stickers
Sparkle Success Star Stickers
Success Star Stickers
Girl Power Glitter Stickers
Girl Power Stickers

Tiny Red Glitter Heart Stickers
Tiny Red Glitter Heart Stickers
Silver Glitter Letter Stickers
Silver Glitter Letter Stickers

~ Glitter Stickers for Sale ~

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