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 I ♥️ everything about this wreath!
 Name: Julie  United States
 Comment:  1/4/2018 6:12:37 AM 

attached image I ♥️ everything about this wreath!

 Thanks for fast shipping
 Name: Sarah  United States
 Comment:  12/11/2017 4:21:46 AM 

My package of goose down feathers arrived much faster than expected, even with the holidays approaching. I was pleasantly surprised and just wanted to say thank you.

 My thanks!
 Name: Dallas United States
 Comment:  10/22/2017 11:54:29 PM 

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the excellent customer service! You literally have helped keep me in business on a few of my pieces by fast email responses and fulfilling my special requests!
Thank you so much for everything!!

 Name: Kendra  United States
 Comment:  10/19/2017 5:36:52 AM 

Thank you for being so responsive and helpful with my questions, top-notch customer service!

 Name: Donna  United States
 Comment:  9/15/2017 4:09:30 PM 

Got my plaque today! Love it! It sure was wrapped up good! I am mentoring a Habitat for Humanity soon-to-be home owner and the dedication is next Tuesday. Has been a great experience. Thanks! Donna

 Feather Cape
 Name: Mary Yetman  United States
 Comment:  9/13/2017 9:08:32 PM 

attached image Just wanted to share one of the capes I make with your feathers! Thank you for the great quality products!!

 Sticker Contest Winner
 Name: Jenny  United States
 Comment:  5/15/2017 9:55:32 AM 

I received my stickers I love them.. thanks again for picking me. Jenny

 Name: Sharon  United States
 Comment:  4/25/2017 1:42:52 PM 

Thank you for following through on my order and helping me to find something that worked. I appreciate your contacts and your immediate placement of my order. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


 They are exactly what I needed!
 Name: Kris  United States
 Comment:  4/17/2017 8:04:48 AM 

I received the stickers! Thank you very much. They are exactly what I needed.

Thank you also for the fast service. I will keep your site on my favorites list.

 Name: Sheila & Carol United States
 Comment:  12/11/2016 4:09:27 PM 

attached image " Employees Hard at Work"

 Black Maleficent Wings by Rob
 Name: Robert Tsuyuki United States
 Comment:  11/16/2016 7:07:06 AM 

attached image Thought I'd show you what I did with all your feathers :) Thanks again!!

Roberts Wings are Beautiful & can be Seen Moving on Our Turkey Quill Feather Page

 You Guys are the Greatest !
 Name: Vicky  United States
 Comment:  10/10/2016 9:10:24 AM 

You guys are the greatest and glad to see that you are still in business.

 Note on my invoice
 Name: Patricia  United States
 Comment:  9/1/2016 12:50:19 PM 

Hi! I received my stickers (LOVE THEM) and am awaiting the remaining two pkgs of the colorful daisy (item 610) Thank you for letting me know that they were out of stock. In the meantime, I am ordering more.

Thanks, Patti Stange

 Traditional Hawaiian Feather Lei
 Name: Nikki Kalanimalie Ty-Tomkins United States
 Comment:  6/10/2016 2:28:51 AM 

attached image Here is a traditional feather lei from Hawaii. The feathers are wound around a central fiber core in a technique known as "wili wili". Done correctly the feathers form an absolutely smooth rope called a "kamoe" which means "sleep" since the feathers are sleeping on each other. ( The ancient Hawaiians had a great sense of humor and were a little naughty too! ) This piece features a contemporary pattern with a central cockade. Each lei is numbered and archived.
The lovely red feathers are SmileyMe's beautifully dyed goose. That particular color is unique and very appreciated here in Hawaii since it is the color boasted by our local cardinals.

 Name: Julia  United States
 Comment:  4/7/2016 6:00:08 PM 

Hey There!
I just placed my order successfully. Looks like a great site and I wish you all well. God Bless!

 Traditional Cherokee Indian Feather Cape
 Name: Barbara United States
 Comment:  4/2/2016 8:59:19 AM 

attached image Beautifully Done...Using SmileyMe Feathers!

If You are Interested in Making One of these Yourself & Happen to Live in NC, the Cherokee Museum is Offering a Workshop this Month. See the Link Below for More Info, Cost & Materials Needed.

The Feathers Needed for this Project can be Found Here:
Bulk Goose Satinette Feathers

And to Learn More about the Workshop, Visit:
The Cherokee One Feather Website Here

 Shamrock stickers
 Name: Judith Carkner  United States
 Comment:  2/22/2016 2:00:38 AM 

I got some beautiful stickers from you Valentine's Day heart stickers but you don't have any shamrock stickers for St patty's day...I checked you first.. Love your other stuff! Judy

 Spandex Vase Cover
 Name: Exclusive Designs November More  United States
 Comment:  11/12/2015 2:33:36 PM 

Ordered sample covers of Spandex vases and they came today. I love them can't wait to send photos of finished arrangements.

 Name: Nikki Kalanimalie Ty-Tomkins United States
 Comment:  10/8/2015 1:39:32 AM 

attached image


is one of my most popular Hawaiian "Humu Papa" hat lei created with feathers from Smiley Me. Their generous packages and super fast shipping had my feathers at the door in no time. Customer service is excellent.

 Name: Carolyn  United States
 Comment:  9/22/2015 4:32:05 AM 

Got my first package today,Kim. I'm so excited about the stickers! I've had a hard time finding religious stickers for my students and love the ones you shipped! They're perfect!


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