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Bulk Feathers for Sale in Colors & Styles You Love!

Bulk Craft Feathers...the only Art Supply that is Somehow Magical...Charming Even the Most Serious of Us. We Pride Ourselves in Bringing Cheery Softness & Beautiful Rainbow Colored Feathers to the World!...Offering Lots of Beautiful Craft Style Bulk Feathers for Sale in Vibrant Colors, & Fluffs. We Specialize in the Prettiest Bulk Feathers Available to Order by the Pound, or by the Package at Wholesale Feather Prices! 1000's of Color & Style Options for Real Feather Crafters Like You...(0:

Turkey Feathers
Bulk Turkey Feathers

( Quills, Plumage, Flats, Marabou, Eagle )

Goose Feathers
Bulk Goose Feathers

( Satinettes, Biots, Coquilles, Nagoire, Palettes )

Rooster Feathers
Bulk Rooster Feathers Bulk

( Hackles, Plumage, Guinea, Saddles, Schlappen )

Duck Feathers
Bulk Duck Feathers

( Quills, Plumage, Cosse, Mallard, Pointers )

Peacock Feathers
Bulk Peacock Feathers

( Eyes, Swords, Quills, Herl, Natural, Dyed )

Pheasant Feathers
Bulk Pheasant Feathers

( Ringneck, Silver, Lady Amherst, Reeves, Golden )

Ostrich Feathers
Bulk Ostrich Feathers

( Bulk Drabs, Femina, Plumes, Centerpieces )

Feather Fans, Pads & Masks
Misc Feather Craft Items

( Fans, Masks, Swatches, Extensions )

Goose Down Fill & Pillow Feather Mixes
Bulk Goose Down Fill & Feathers

( Bulk Duck & Goose Down, 10/90 Mixes )

Christmas Feather Wreaths   Christmas Feather Trees   Feather Boas

Feather Wreaths, Feather Trees, Fluffy Boas
( Chandelle, Hackle, Schlappen, Coquille )

We Offer the Most Popular Bulk Feathers in Different Styles Here Including Turkey Feathers, Goose Feathers, Rooster Feathers, Peacock Feathers, Ostrich Feathers, etc! Our Large Base of Repeat Customers include Wedding Designers, Public School Classrooms and Crafters Just Like You who are Always on the Hunt for New Ideas and Trends in the Bulk Feathers Industry. Checkout our Comments and Pics Page to See How Our Bulk Feathers have Been Used at Weddings, Parties, and Gifts.

Not Sure of Which Feathers or Styles to Choose? We can Help! If you are new to crafting or have never used feathers to make this with before, you might wonder which style feathers are the best fit for your latest project. To help with this, we have given a description of each feathers type and how they are most often used. Please Click Here to get more insight on the differences and most popular uses.

Feather Styles & Common Uses Explained Here

Besides shopping for bulk feathers by style, you can also shop for them by colors too. You can find an assortment of the most popular colors like, red feathers, orange feathers, yellow feathers, green feathers, blue feathers, purple feathers, black feathers, white feathers and pink feathers by visiting the following page.

Shop by Color Here

What about Ostrich Centerpiece Kits? Yes, We have Them! These Centerpieces Gorgeous, Elegant and Very Popular for Weddings and Parties. They are Available in Single or Mixed Colors and Assorted Sizes. Ostrich Centerpieces are Easy to Put Together and a lot of Fun to Make. You can Find More Information Here:

How to Create Ostrich Centerpieces

Interested in Making an Authentic Indian Feathers Headdress? An Indian Headdress Made of Imitation Eagle Feathers is a Great Project for Anyone Looking for a Challenging Project. While there is a Learning Curve to Making One, with a Little can be Done. This is a Perfect Craft Idea when Studying Indian History in the Classroom or Just for Fun. Here is the Link Explaining How to do this Along with a List of Items Needed to Get it Done.

Make an Authentic Indian Headdress with Imitation Eagle Tips Here

Ever Heard of a German Christmas Tree Made of Feathers? These are a Perfect Family Project for Gift Giving, Selling, or Keeping. Goose Feather Trees are Easy and Make a Great Table Centerpiece Around the Holidays. There are Several Christmas Tree Styles to Choose from with Easy & Harder Directions to Choose from Making Any One of these a Fun Craft Project for You!

See Christmas Tree Instructions Here

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