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We Love SmileyMe! A Fun Family Business that Seeks to Find Unique & Interesting Items & Supplies for Our Parents, Teachers & Crafting Customers. It is Our Thrill to Offer 5 Main Product Lines that Include & Expand into Hundreds of Categories. If You are Looking for Something Different...Grab a Coffee & Browse Our Large Selection of Gift Items & Things You Might Not Find Anywhere Else. Enjoy...(0:

SmileyMe Brand Banner
SmileyMe Brands - Spandex Party Lanterns, Spandex Vase Covers,
Beaded Rainbow Chandeliers, Feather Wreaths, etc

SmileyMe Feather Products Banner
Bulk Feathers
- Including Plumage, Quills, Fluffy Boas, Feather Fans, etc

SmileyMe School Supplies Banner
School Supplies
- Including Cool Stickers, Fancy Pencils, Bookmarks, Classroom Deco, etc

SmileyMe Wedding Supplies Banner
Wedding & Bridal
- Including Party Decorations, Centerpiece Kits, etc

SmileyMe Christian Gifts Banner
Christian Gifts
- Including Pocket Cards, Lapel Pins, Plaques, Crosses, etc

~ SmileyMe Brands for Sale ~

www.SmileyMe.Com Bulk Feathers
Feather Wreaths
Centerpiece Kits
Feather Boas
Wedding & Bridal
Stickers Galore
School Supplies
Christian Gifts
Christian Tshirts
Gift Pocket Cards
Jewelry Lapel Pins
Plaques & Crosses

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