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Peacock Feathers, How to Feather Care, Craft Tips & Ideas

Peacock Feathers, Peacock Eyes

There are Many Things You can do with Peacock Feathers
to Give Them that Unique Appeal. Here are Just a Few...

Caring for Your Peacock Feathers is Very Easy & With a Few Simple Tips, You Should Have Good Results that Last for Many Years. When Your Peacock Feathers Arrive, it is a Good Idea to Remove Them from the Bag & Fluff Them Up a Bit. You Can Accomplish This in a Few Different Ways.

Crafting Ideas & Simple Tips for Peacock Feathers:

  • Shake Them - Hold the Feathers Together at the Stems & Shake Them Back & Forth in a Left to Right Motion.

  • Steam Them - Peacock Eyes can be Gently Steamed Over a Hot Pan of Water. It is Important not to Drench the Feathers but Just Move Them through the Steam a Few Times for a Few Seconds.

  • Blow Them - If Your Looking for a Little Fluff, Try Blow Drying Your Feathers...Not as Common for Peacock Feathers but a Great Tip for Adding More Fluff to Your Craft Feathers.

  • Trim Them - Peacock Feathers can be Trimmed with Scissors to Change the Origonal Look. It is Important that the Scissors are Extremely Sharp to Get a Nice Edge. You Experiment with Different Looks by Giving Them a Zigzag, Flat Top or Diamond Like Point at the Tip.

  • Curl Them - Feathers can be Easily Curled in 2 Ways. You can Curl them with a Home Hair Curling Iron Using Low Heat. This is Super Easy & Quick. The Important Thing is to Remember Not to in Short Spurts of a Few Seconds at a Time & be Sure to Let the Feathers Cool Between Trys.

  • Scissor Them - Another Way to Curl your Peacock Feathers is with a Pair of Sharp Scissors. This Taks a Lttle More Practice but Once You Get the Hang of it, You can Create Beautiful Curly Peacock Feathers. To Accomplish this, Gently Drag You Sharp Scissor Edge Along the Stem of the Peacock Feather. Repeat as Needed to Get the Desire Curl You Need. This can Also be Done to the Feather Fronds too but is a Little Tricker Since they are so Delicate. Take Your Time, Repeating Several Times Gently instead of Trying to Accomplish a Curl All at Once. Trying it Out on a Few Test Feathers will be a Great Help before You Start Working on Your Next Peacock Feather Project.

  • Glitter Them - Another Pretty Craft Idea is to Lightly Spray them with a Spray Glue & Shake a Craft Glitter Dust Over Them. This will Give Them a More Intense Pretty Look.

  • Paint Them - If You are Really Brave or Just Want to Experiment with New Ideas...Try Painting Them. Painting Peacock Feathers is a Little Tricky if You Have Never Tried This but Really Simple Once You Get the Hang of it. Just Lay Out Your Feathers on Paper & Spray Them with Spray Paint. The Important Thing to Remember is to Hold the Can Back as far as Needed so the Air Doesn't Blow Them Around.

  • Store Them - If You Don't Plan to Use Your Feathers for a While, Storing Them in a Ziplock or Airtight Bag is Suggested.

    Peacock Feathers, Peacock Eyes

    Peacock Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

    Peacock Feathers are a Wonderful Addition to Party & Wedding Centerpieces. Combining Them with Flowers or Ostrich Feathers Gives a Really Unique Look that Every One will Love.

    If Budget Allows & You Want Them to Look Double Sided so No Backs are Showing, You can Tac Glue Them at the Lower Stem Area. To get the Best Look, Choose 2 Feathers that are Similar in Size, Place them Back to Back to Compare & Use a Glue Gun to Tack the Bottom of the Quills Together. Once Dried, You can Trim the Feather Tips if Needed to get a Matching Edge.

    Other Peacock Feather Ideas

    There are Many Other Uses for Peacock Feathers, too Many to Mention
    Here but Here is a Sampling of Cool Ideas to Get You Started.

    - Peacock Feather Jewelry
    - Use Peacock Eyes in a Pattern to Create Wall Decorations
    - Flower & Wedding Centerpieces
    - Wedding Cards with Peacock Eyes
    - etc, etc, etc

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