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School Supplies, Christian Gifts, Parenting Tools

School Supplies, Parenting Tools, Christian Gifts

Christian Gifts, School Supplies, Parenting Tools

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School Supplies, Christian Gifts, Parenting Tools, Bulk Feathers

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Feathers, Craft Feathers, Bulk Feathers, Bird Feathers
Not Sure of Which Feathers to Choose?...Different Styles & Common Uses Explained Here.

Craft Feathers...the only Art Supply that is Some How Magical...Charming Even the Most Serious of Us...Bringing Cheery Softness & Color to Our World!...Offering Craft Feather Options in All Colors, Styles, & Fluffs. We Specialize in Bulk Feathers by the Pound, or by the Package at Wholesale Feather Prices! Now Offering Smaller 1/4 lb Sizes in Most Styles & Ostrich Drabs by the Dozen!
Duck Feathers, Craft Duck Feathers Duck Feathers, Craft Duck Feathers
Bulk Duck Feathers
Cosse & Pointers
Wholesale Goose Feathers, Craft Feathers Wholesale Goose Feathers, Craft Feathers
Bulk Goose Feathers
Coquille & Satinette
Craft Rooster Feathers, Art Feathers Craft Rooster Feathers, Art Feathers
Bulk Rooster Feathers
Guinea & Plumage
Bulk Rooster Feathers, Wholesale Feathers
Bulk Rooster Feathers
Hackles & Chinchilla
Bulk Turkey Feathers, Wholesale Feathers
Bulk Turkey Feathers
Flats & Bronze
Craft Turkey Feathers, Marabou Feathers Plumage Craft Turkey Feathers, Feathers Plumage
Bulk Turkey Feathers
Marabou & Plumage
Pheasant Feathers, Partridge Feathers, & Ringneck Feathers
Bulk Feathers
Pheasant & Partridge
Strung Rooster Feathers Schlappen & Coque Tails
Strung Rooster Feathers
Schlappen & Coque Tails
Duck Mallard Feathers, Wholesale Mallard Feathers, Craft Feathers
Bulk Feathers
Duck Mallards
Quill Turkey Feathers, Craft Quill Feathers, Turkey Rounds Eagle Feathers, Indian Feathers, Imitation Eagle Feathers, Eagle Feather
Turkey Quills - Eagle Feathers
Wholesale Goose Feathers, Craft Feathers, Goose Biots
Bulk Goose Feathers
Goose Biots
Bulk Feathers - Rooster Saddles
Bulk Feathers - Rooster Saddles
Wholesale Ostrich Feathers
Bulk Ostrich Feathers
Ostrich Femina
Ostrich feathers centerpiece kits
Ostrich Feathers
Centerpiece Kits
Wholesale Ostrich Feathers
Bulk Ostrich Feathers
Ostrich Drabs
Feather Boas, Economy Feather Boa, Cheap Feather Boa, Lurex Boas
Feather Boas
Peacock Feathers, Bulk Peacock Feathers, Wholesale Peacock Feathers,
Peacock Feathers
Sword Tails
Red Chinchilla Hackle Wreath
Feather Wreaths
Goose Down Pillow Feathers
Goose Down
Pillow Feathers
Feather Trims, Mardi Gras Masks & Misc
Feather Trims,
Masks & Misc
Feather Hair Extensions
Feather Hair Extensions
Synthetic Grizzly

Bulk Goose Craft Feathers Bulk Peacock Craft Feathers Bulk Turkey Craft Feathers
Bulk Rooster Craft Feathers Bulk Quill Craft Feathers Bulk Eagle Craft Feathers
Pheasant Pheasant & Partridge Bulk Ostrich Craft Feathers Bulk Duck Craft Feathers

Red Red Feathers Orange Orange Feathers Yellow Yellow Feathers
Gold Gold Feathers Green Green Feathers Blue Blue Feathers
Purple Purple Feathers Turquoise Turquoise Feathers Pink Pink Feathers
White White Feathers Black Black Feathers

Great Ideas... Craft Feathers ...Great Ideas... Art Feathers

Proms, Weddings, Showers, Church Gatherings, Business Party
Cover Reception Floor or Tables with Feathers for a Unique Soft Look!
Flower Girls can Blow Feathers Kisses Instead of Dropping Rose Petals
Fill Clear or See-thru Balloons with Colored or White Craft Feathers
Flower Decorations & Ostrich Feather Wedding Centerpieces
Try Substituting Small Feathers for Rice Throwing?

Holidays & Celebrations Using Wholesale Feathers
String Craft Feathers on Fishing Line for Garland
Create Doll or Life Size Homemade Angels Wings
Make an Old Fashioned Christmas
Feather Tree
Use Bulk Feathers as Grass in Easter Baskets
Stuff a Birthday Pinata with Bulk Feathers

Using Bulk Feathers Around the Home
Craft Feather Puff Your Bedroom Walls
(as seen on Extreme Home Makeover)
Refill Those Thinning Feather Pillows
Bead Curtains - Use Craft Feathers Instead

Art Class at School, Camp, Sunday School
Design an
Indian Chief Headress War Bonnet
Costume Designing & Feather Wig Making
Craft Feather the Float for Your Town Parade
Craft Feather Projects Galore... Bulk Feathers !

Feathers, Craft Feathers, Bulk Feathers, Art Feathers, Wholesale Feathers