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Popular Christian Sticker Styles for Teachers, Parents & Kids!

We have the BEST Selection of Gotta Have...Christian Stickers! All the main topics are covered including Christian Stickers about Jesus, the Bible, Angels, Crosses, etc. Sharing your Faith in God is Easy and Fun when you use these Christian Themed Stickers as Student Rewards, Bible Story Starters, Decorations on Invitations, Cards or as Envelope Seals. Sizes and Styles are many making our Faith Designed Christian Stickers Perfect for Churches, Sunday School Classrooms, Bible Believing Kids, Inspiring Adults & Everyone who Loves God!
Christian Stickers for Kids
Christian Kids Stickers
Bible Verse Stickers
Bible Verse Stickers
God Loves You Stickers
God Loves You Stickers
Christian VBS Stickers
Jesus Christ Stickers
Bibles Stickers
Cross & Bibles Stickers
Angel Baby Stickers
Baby & Angel Stickers
Christian Music Stickers
Christian Music Note Stickers
Thank You Jesus Stickers
Thank You Jesus Christian Stickers
Inspirational Stickers
Inspirational Christian Stickers
Names of God Stickers
Names of God Religious Stickers
New Creation Butterfly Stickers
New Creation Butterfly Stickers
Under His Wings Boho Bird Stickers
Under His Wings Christian Stickers
Christian Sheep Stickers
Adorable Sheep Stickers
Encouraging Words Stickers
Encouraging Word Stickers
White Dove and Vine Stickers
White Dove & Vine Stickers
Christian Jesus Stickers
Fish Symbol Stickers

Includes 48 Christian Stickers
Jesus is Lord Stickers \
Jesus is Lord Stickers

Includes 72 Christian Stickers
Cross Stained Glass Stickers
Stained Glass Stickers

Includes 120 Christian Stickers
Heart Shaped Wreath Stickers
Heart Wreaths Stickers

Includes 78 Christian Stickers
I Prayed for You Stickers
I Prayed for You Stickers

Includes 24 Prayer Stickers
Glitter Fish Christian Jesus Stickers
Jesus Fish Stickers

Includes 48 Christian Stickers
Faith Words Christian Stickers
Faith Word Stickers

Includes 120 Shiny Foil Stickers
Garden Inspirations Stickers
Garden Inspiration Stickers

Includes 56 Christian Stickers
Christian Jesus Stickers
Shiny Jesus Stickers

Includes 84 Shiny Foil Stickers
Glitzy Fish Symbol Stickers
Glitzy Fish Christian Symbols
  Christian Bumper Stickers
Christian Bumper Stickers

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Customer Reviews:
5 Stars ~ Carolyn ~ Got my first package today. I'm so excited about the stickers! I"ve had a hard time finding religious stickers for my students and love the ones you shipped! They're perfect!
5 Stars ~ Meridith ~ Just wanted to say thank you for the quick shipping and blessing us with the extra package of labels. I really appreciate your great service and am glad I found your site and was able to do business with you. Thanks so much & God Bless!
5 Stars ~ Sharon ~ Thank you so much for such fast service and great products!

Who Uses Christian Stickers?
Religious themed stickers have been around since before I was a child and used as gifts and tokens in the Church Sunday School that I attended. I can remember getting stickers during Vacation Bible School as Rewards and just loved recieving them. They were a simple thing that Sunday School Teachers could use that was easy on the budget. Often Teachers paid for stickers themselves and one package would go a long way.

Are Stickers Non-toxic?
Today stickers are made with glues that are easily removed from clothing and skin making them a great option for using on shirts or as fun like tattoos. Although they are not tattoos in theory, kids love to stick them on the hands and face without any suggestion needed.

Are Stickers Removable?
Yes, but you should consider stickers as more permanent when used on paper, cards or when decorating envelopes. For these uses, they are made to stick well and not fall off as they travel through the mail. Stickers can be used on glass, metal, mirrors, or plastic amd can often be remove by peeling from one edge to the other. If your stickers leave a little reside after peeling them off, you can use a little soap allowing for a little time to soak to remove any left over risidue that might be still exist.

Interesting Ways to Use Stickers?
There are so many way to use stickers that we can't even begin to mention them all here. Besides the standard uses that everyone already knows about, consider these ideas for classroom or craft projects. These simple ideas can be done with any sticker style that fits your theme. Young children can use stickers tp decorate necklaces, bracelets and head visors just for starters. For older teenagers, try making mobiles by putting the same shape stickers such as hearts by putting them back to back over strings evenly spaced. Attach the strings to a ring that can be hung from the ceiling to enjoy.

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