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Wear, Share & Spread the love with a Heart Lapel Pin Today!

Share Your Love with a Heart Shaped Lapel Pin! Perfect for Mothers & Teens with an Eye on Making a Difference in their World & Daily Lives. Giving a Heart Lapel Pin is Like Sharing a Hug with a Friend..(0:

Cloisonne Cross & Filigree Heart Lapel Pin
Cloisonne Cross Heart

Mother and Child - Gold Pin
Mother and Child

Pretty Decorative Heart Lapel Pin
Pretty Heart Pin

Love Heart Word Lapel Pin
Love Heart Word

Jesus Loves You Rainbow Heart Pin
Jesus Loves You

Peace Dove Lapel Pin
Peace Dove Lapel Pin

A Mothers Embrace Pendant - Only 1 Left
A Mothers Embrace
Metallic Red Heart Necklace
Metallic Red Heart Necklace

~ Heart Lapel Pins for Sale ~



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