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Imitation Eagle Feathers by the Pound, 1/4 lb & Dozen...Black & Brown Tips!

Black & Brown Eagle Feathers for Traditional Museum Headdresses & Indian Artifact Projects...Perfect for Summer Camp Crafts, Art Class Instructions, or Making the Coolest Native American Costumes.
Imitation Eagle Feathers - Black Tips

Imitation Eagle Turkey Quill Feathers - Dozen - Left
Imitation Eagle Turkey Quill Feathers - Mixed lb

Imitation Eagle Turkey Quill Feathers - Dozen - Right
Imitation Eagle Quills - Brown Tips

Imitation Eagle Feathers - Brown Tips - Dozen Lefts
Imitation Eagle Feathers - Brown Tips - Mixed lb

Imitation Eagle Feathers - Brown Tips - Dozen Rights

Customer Reviews:

~ Martin V Knife Chief ~ I recently ordered feathers for my Native headdresses and was surprised to find you had what i needed. I needed "lefts" and "rights" for the turkey feathers i use...and you had them, in good quality and at a reasonable price! i will be ordering again from you for other projects as well. Thank you!!!

~ Stephen Hovey ~ Steve is a Long Time Customer...Now Friend who Makes & Sells These Very Cool Headresses. For Details & Pricing or Contact Info, You Can Find Him on Ebay by Searching for Seller: steveinbuffalo14025

~ Cory ~ Handmade by Cory in CA

~ Martin V Knife Chief ~ I make native American Indian war bonnets and just completed one that is made with all feathers from you! They always turn out great!!! I am the one on the right...

~ Martin V Knife Chief ~ Made this headdress out of feathers I purchased from you guys! it took a long time, but it turned out fantastic! LOOKS GREAT...Thanks or Sharing!

~ Bulk Imitation Eagle Feathers for Sale ~

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